Recourses against Cyber Bullying in Bangladesh

Recourses against Cyber Bullying in Bangladesh

BDLP regularly advises and acts in support of victims of cyber crime.

Cyber bullying is a serious issue and can have severe psychological and emotional effects on the victim. In Bangladesh, there are several legal remedies available for victims of cyber bullying.


1. Criminal Complaint: Victims of cyber bullying can file a criminal complaint with the police under the provisions of the Digital Security Act, 2018. The Act criminalizes cyber bullying and provides for imprisonment and/or a fine for those found guilty.


2. Civil Suit: Victims of cyber bullying can also file a civil suit for damages against the perpetrator. The victim can seek compensation for the harm caused by the cyber bullying, including emotional distress and loss of reputation.


3. Restraining Order: Although the term "restraining order" is not present in our law, an application under sections 107 and 117 may be filed before any competent executive magistrate to show cause and refrain a perpetrator from making unlawful contact with a victim.


4. Cyber Crime Help Desk: Bangladesh Police has a Cyber Crime Help Desk ( where victims of cyber bullying can report the incident and seek assistance.


It is important to note that the remedies available for cyber bullying may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each case. It is recommended that victims of cyber bullying seek legal advice from a lawyer who is knowledgeable about cyber bullying and the laws relevant to it.