Criminal Prosecution, Defense & Bail

Criminal Prosecution, Defense & Bail

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BDLP Law Firm in Dhaka's criminal lawyers are highly experienced in handling all kinds of criminal law matters including obtaining bail, prosecuting wrong doers under the penal code and other punitive laws and defending criminal cases. We have specialisation in Bail applications, trial representations, appeals, revisions and 561A quashment applications.

COMMON SERVICES : Ad-interim Bail, Anticipatory (High Court) Bail,Criminal Defense, Criminal Prosecution, Assault & Threats Charges, Bribery Charges, Women & Child Abuse, Dowry Prohibition Cases, Pornography, Misuse of Information, Technology, Drugs Related Crimes, Fraud & Breach of Trust, Extortion, Restraining orders, Sex Crimes, Human Traficking, Weapons Charges and other White Collar Crimes

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Arrest and Detention in Bangladesh law

Any person arrested by the Police cannot be detained in custody for more that twenty-four (24) hours by virtue of section 61 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (Hereinafter referred to as the “Cr.P.C”) and Article 33 of the Constitution of Bangladesh, without a warrant under suspicion that the person has been concerned in any cognizable offence or.....[Read More]

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As a Bangladeshi citizen of the country, every person has the right to justice. If he gets involved in a criminal case, he has to appear in court and take bail.....[Read More]

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The Negotiable Instruments Act 1881 regulate this area of the law. Section 6 of the said act defines a cheque. The different parties to a cheque are as follows: Drawer – This is the writer of the cheque Drawee – This is the bank Payee –

This is the intended…[Read More]

Bailable Offences – Bangladesh

Offences  under Penal code, 1860 which has been mentioned in 2nd schedule of the  Code of Criminal Procedure,1898  as bailable are given below-    Serial no. Offence Section (of Penal Code) 1. Concealing a design to commit an offence punishable with death or transportation for life, if the offence be not committed    118(2nd part)…[Read More]

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