Land Law Q & A

Land Law Q & A

What is land law?

The law that deals with land transaction, sale, transfer, land tenure, etc. is called land law.



What is a Khatian?

Khatian is the land record that is prepared during the survey along with the details of the land ownership of one or more land owners based on the mouza.



What is Namjari?

Namjari is the process of registering the name of a new owner of a land by inheritance or purchase or any other process.


What is a Porcha?

The copy of the draft khatian prepared during the land survey which is distributed to the land owner before attestation is called field porcha. A copy of the Khatian record is called a Porcha after the Porcha has been attested by the revenue officer and the Khatian is finally published at the end of the objection and appeal hearing.


What is the schedule?

Schedule means introductory details of the land. In order to give the identity of a land, the name of the concerned mouza, khatian no., Dag no., Boundary of the land, amount of land etc.\


What is a mouza?

During the cadastral survey, each police station area was divided into unique units and marked with the serial number of each unit. Each such unit in the police station area is called a mouza. A mouza consists of one or more villages or neighborhoods.


What is khajna /land rent?

The land tax that the government collects from the tenants on an annual basis for land use is called land rent.


What is waqf?

According to Islamic law, waqf is the donation of any property by a Muslim landowner for the purpose of bearing the expenses of a religious and social welfare institution.



What is Motwalli?

The person who manages and supervises the waqf property is called the motwalli. The motwalli cannot transfer the waqf property without the permission of the waqf administrator.


What is Warish?

Warish means heir under religious provisions. If a person dies without a will, according to the law, the person or persons who own the property left by his wife, children or close relatives are called heirs.


What is Faraej?

The rules and procedures for distributing the property of a deceased person according to Islamic law are called faraej.


What is khas land?

Land under the Ministry of Land which is supervised by the Collector on behalf of the government is called khas land.


What is Kobuliyat?

Acceptance of the proposal of the government to settle the land to the citizen and accept the payment of rent by the tenant is called acceptance.


What's the dag number?

In mouzas, the land of each land owner is displayed separately or in each svarajmin with boundary poles or isles for the purpose of identifying each piece of land based on the class of land. In mouza design, the number given for identifying or identifying land with serial number of each piece of land is called dag number.