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BDLP, Law Firm in Dhaka has experienced lawyers in Dhaka to handle Banking & Financial matters. From advisory to vetting to valuation, BDLP is a one stop solution for banking and finance clients. We also regularly defend Artha Rin (Money Loan) & Money Suits on behalf of our clients successfully.

Over the span of 2019, the firm has worked on contracts with overall transaction value of over 500+ million USD. It represents big brands like The Westin Dhaka, Borak Real Estate, Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies, CBI Hong Kong, Hyatt, Hansa Management, Unique Group, Honeycom IT etc  as clients among others. Apart from its big name clients, this law firm in Dhaka takes pride in its litigation department that handles private litigations of high net-worth individuals on critical and personal matters.

Recent Notable Works:

i. Advising a local conglomerate relating to a foreign fund arrangement by an U.S based asset management company (Transaction/Funding Value= 400 million USD);
ii. Review of Charge documents in relation to obtaining of credit facilities from Commercial Bank of Ceylon Limited PLC by a local conglomerate (Transaction value = 1.18 million USD);
iii. Preparing of mortgaged documents in relation to sanction of credit facilities by Commercial Bank of Ceylon Limited PLC (Transaction Value= 589,094 USD);
iv. Advising, drafting and reviewing documents and negotiating with key steak holders in relation to issuance of debt securities (Zero Coupon Bond) by a local conglomerate with Strategic Finance Limited (An investment banker) acting as the Mandated Lead Arranger (Transaction Value= 8.83 million USD);
v. Vetting of Corporate Guarantee Documentation in favour of CHB Building Technologies for a local client (Transaction Value= 1.5 million USD)

Asset Finance Financing for the purchase or lease of assets (equipment, machinery, vehicles) where borrowers’ balance sheet assets are used as collateral

Advisory Advice on regulatory issues in the establishment of new financial products, branches and entities

Financial Restructuring Refinancing and debt restructuring.

Corporate Rescue & Insolvency  Representation of distressed companies, shareholders, creditors, and administrators/receivers

Project Finance Financing of power, infrastructure, mining, natural resources and utilities projects (including PFI/PPP) where the financing is linked to the project’s future income/success.

Banking Acquisition financing, Corporate Financing, Term Loans, L/Cs, Venture Capital, Preferential Shares Agreements, Revolving Credit, Real Estate, Asset & Trade Financing etc.

Islamic Financing Mudaraba, Hire Purchase (Shirkatul Melk), Murabaha etc.

Steps of a Money Loan (Artha Rin) Court Suit:

  • Auction before filing suit (section 12)
  • Special time limit for filing suit (section 46)
  • Limitation of claim (section 47)
  • Interest Calculation (section 50)
  • Plaint (under section 8)
  • Summons /SR (Summons Return) (section 7)
  • Written statement (WS) (section 9, 10)
  • Additional statement against written statement (WS) (under section 11)
  • Exparty Decree (section 19)
  • ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) (section 22-25)
  • Hearing
  • Argument 
  • Judgement and decree (section 16)

Steps of a Artha Rin execution suit:

  • Filing of Artha Rin Execution Suits (section 27)
  • Time limit for Filing of Artha Rin Execution Suits(section 28)
  • Summon (section 30)
  • Auction (section 33)
  • Certificate for possession and use section 33(5)
  • Certificate of title section 33(7)
  • Appeal (section 41)
  • Revision (section 42)
  • Leave to Appeal (section 43)

Please contact us directly for more information on how ADR can help you in your particular situation.