Divorce, Child Custody & Family Law

Divorce, Child Custody & Family

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Divorce Law firm in Dhaka

BDLP Bangladesh Law Partners is one of the best divorce law firms in Dhaka known for its family lawyers. We have some of the best divorce & family lawyers. BDLP's lawyers in Dhaka provide all kinds of family law related services including marriages, special marriage, divorces, cross religion marriages, child custody agreements, child custody law suits, alimony, maintenance, restitution of conjugal rights etc.

Procedure of Talaq in our law (Muslim Family Laws Ordinance 1961):

7. (1) Any man who wishes to divorce his wife shall, as soon as may be after the pronouncement of talaq in any form whatsoever, give the Chairman notice in writing of his having done so, and shall supply a copy thereof to the wife.

8. Where the right to divorce has been duly delegated to the wife and she wishes to exercise that right, or where any of the parties to a marriage wishes to dissolve the marriage otherwise than by talaq, the provisions of section 7 shall, mutatis mutandis and so far as applicable, apply.

Jurisdiction of Family Courts as defined by the Family Courts Ordinance, 1985:

5. Subject to the provisions of the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961 (VIII of 1961), a Family Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction to entertain, try and dispose of any suit relating to, or arising out of, all or any of the following matters, namely:-

(a) dissolution of marriage;

(b) restitution of conjugal rights;

(c) dower;

(d) maintenance;

(e) guardianship and custody of children.

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