Hacking under Bangladesh Law

Understanding Hacking in Legal Context

BDLP regularly handles cyber crime related matters.


Hacking refers to the unauthorized access, modification, or manipulation of computer systems or networks. Hacking can be done for various purposes, including stealing sensitive information, disrupting services, or causing damage to the targeted system.


In Bangladesh, hacking is considered a criminal offense under the Bangladesh Digital Security Act 2018, which defines hacking as unauthorized access, intrusion, or interference with any computer, computer system, or computer network. The law stipulates that anyone found guilty of hacking can be sentenced to imprisonment for up to 14 years and fined up to 25 lac taka.


The Bangladesh government has been actively pursuing cases of hacking and cybercrime in recent years, and several individuals have been arrested and prosecuted under the Digital Security Act for offenses related to hacking and cybercrime. The government has also taken steps to increase cybersecurity awareness and improve the country’s cybersecurity infrastructure to prevent and counter cyber threats.