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Family Matters
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BDLP has a dedicated family law team who advises and takes part in litigations before subordinate & higher courts regularly as well as ADR. Bangladesh has traditional famly values and a conservative society where seeking justice can be difficult to to social stigma, superstitions and taboo related to family disputes. Our team is highly experienced in dealing with complex family issues.

Important Case Note: 
Wakf - Validity of--Wakfnama could not be declared invalid on the consideration that it exhibits the features of a family arrangement-Family settlement by way of wakf is permissible--The Act authorises maintenance and support of childred, descendants and family of the wakif--Mussulman Wakf Voldating Act (VI of 1913)S.3

Mst. Khairun Nessa Khatun Chowdhury V. Golam Muktadir Chowdhury 14 DLR 745 and Syed Abul Fazal V. Syeda Sayeeda Khatun 14 DLR 163 distinguished

Important Case Note:

The plaintiff filed a suit for a decree of mandatory injunction with an ad interim prayer for enforcement of the agreement dated 21.8.1994 concluded between the contending parties for allowing the plaintiff to see his minor son on the days as mentioned in the disputed agreement. This was evidently a suit for enforcement of his visiting right of his son for a very temporary period without claiming guardianship or custody of the child. Such an agreement being not unlawful, immoral or opposed to public policy is not hit by the provision of Section 23 of the Contract Act. There is nothing in the plaint to show that any of the provisions of Order VII Rule II C.P.C. is attracted in the case. The High Court Division was clearly wrong in rejecting the plaint on extraneous considerations and erroneous view of law

Mohammad Irfan Sayed Vs. Mrs. Rukshana Matin and others (1995)

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