Arbitration & ADR

Arbitration & ADR

Law firm in Dhaka

One of BDLP, Law Firm in Dhaka's promises is to provide cost effective relief oriented solutions to legal disputes. With an overburdened and slow relatively slow dispute resolution process in the courts, it is often preferred to resolve disputes outside of the court through mediation, negotiation, arbitration and other means. 

Part of BDLP is a commercial law firm and specialise in commercial disputes and arbitration. Our associate lawyers and parurtners have extensive experience in both conducting arbitration and researching on domestic and international arbitration.

Most recently, the firm successfully represented its client in an arbitration at the Bangladesh Ministry of Commerce. The firm represented Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA) which is one of the biggest licensed trade organizations in Bangladesh.

We are mostly experienced in:

  • Commercial Arbitration
  • Full Arbitration Setup and proceedings
  • International Arbitration award enforcement in Bangladesh
  • Mediation in business related transactions
  • Negotiations
  • Family mediations (regarding divorces, child custody etc)
  • Representing in Arbitrations
  • Industrial Arbitrations

Interesting Judgment

The High Court Division was right in holding that the 3rd arbitrator was neither consulted nor given an opportunity by the Chairman to deliberate and express his views on the issues before making and signing the award in question.

It is a well settled principle of law that no allowance can be made for damages, which are remotely connected with the wrongful act complained of. Law makes allowance only for the direct consequences and refuses to consider any damage remotely resulting from the wrongful act.

It was incumbent upon the arbitrators to make it manifest that there was discussion between the arbitrators before the award was made but from the plain reading of the proceedings it appears that one of the arbitrators was excluded totally from the process of deliberation before the award was made.


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